Brian has been an insolvency practitioner for more than a decade and his aim is always to secure the best possible outcome for all parties concerned. He takes appointments on company liquidations, administrations, voluntary arrangements, bankruptcy and Law and Property Act Receiverships.

He works with directors of distressed companies, as well as creditors facing defaulted loans. Brian approaches each situation with sensitivity and integrity, mindful that it is people and their livelihoods involved. He provides reassurance during this unsettling time.

Clients particularly value Brian’s approachability and skill at inspiring mutual trust in his relationships. Level-headed and sympathetic, he gives impartial and concise advice to people and businesses going through difficulties. Clients feel confident that he has their best interests at heart and like the extreme care he takes, his quality of service and commercial nous.

Brian is a member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals and licensed with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales as well as TMA (UK),

Helping directors

Directors come to Brian when their company is having problems. The most common issues prompting them to contact Brian are being unable to pay bills or salaries, creditors pursuing payment, receiving a demand from HMRC or facing winding-up petitions instigated by creditors.

Each case is different, so Brian takes the time to find out the full details. He helps directors understand the choices open to them and explore rescue options. Having explained their duties and obligations, he also steers them away from doing anything that might render them personally liable. He is often able to restructure the company so that the directors still have a business, staff still have a job and creditors recover the maximum possible.

Helping creditors

Creditors come to Brian when a loan is at risk or in default and they wish to regain an element of control. He endeavours to maximise recovery for the creditor. Brian conducts a thorough independent review of the financial affairs of the debtor company and its ability to continue trading, and assesses the likelihood of the debt being recovered.

No two situations are alike, so it is vital that Brian leaves no stone unturned. He might be appointed as administrator to investigate actions taken by the debtor company’s directors in the build-up to insolvency. Often this can lead to improving the return to creditors, as Brian and his team are adept at finding missing or hidden assets, or following up with directors regarding any misfeasance that may have occurred.

As a ten year old boy dreaming of football stardom, my favourite cartoon was Roy of the Rovers ‘The Safest Hands in Soccer’. Now as a 50 year old lawyer in the challenging (and sometimes murky) world of debt, I’ve found the Safest Hands in Insolvency. Much less sexy, but very reassuring all the same! Brian Baker, of Kingston Smith & Partners ticks all of my professional boxes: knowledgeable, calm under pressure, creative, practical and unscrupulously honest. He’s my go-to insolvency guru. Everybody should use him!

Peter Coyle
Coyle White Devine