John Hood

John Hood is Moore Kingston Smith’s tax dispute resolution specialist. He is expert at dealing with complex and serious tax investigations launched by HMRC, settling matters on a civil basis. In the most serious cases, this can involve limiting the risk of the enquiry being escalated to a criminal investigation. John genuinely relishes the challenge of unravelling convoluted tax scenarios and establishing a mutually satisfactory endgame.

John aims to minimise the risk for his clients, while also ensuring HMRC is operating within the tax legislation. His clients are generally owner-managed businesses and their families, high net worth individuals and those with complex affairs. Mostly clients are referred to John through their professional advisers. Some might already be the focus of an HMRC investigation, while others might want to make a voluntary disclosure to regularise the past.

With more than two decades of experience in tax dispute resolution, John has vast knowledge of HMRC’s administration and enforcement procedures. Having also previously worked at HMRC in the compliance arena, John has a deep understanding of the key strategies needed to achieve the best result for his clients.

From his clients’ point of view, John has a calming effect at what is often a stressful and emotionally charged time. They are reassured by the fact that he focuses on negotiating the best outcome for both them and HMRC. His easy manner, knack of explaining things in everyday language and sense of humanity are also valued by his clients.

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