Jonny Blain

Senior Digital Transformation Analyst

+44 (0)20 4582 1626

Jonny Blain

Jonny Blain is a member of the digital transformation team and a developer on the KS Cohere platform. He is proficient in Python, JavaScript, Django and VBA, as well as being a certified chartered accountant. Through his work in audit and on KS Cohere, Jonny was nominated for The National Apprenticeship Rising Star of the Year Award.

Additionally, Jonny streamlines internal processes by developing automated spreadsheet templates and tools. His background as an accountant leading large audit teams has given him hands-on experience in managing stakeholders and deadlines.

With a master’s degree in mathematics from Durham University, Jonny keeps his technological skills up to date by developing websites, including an open banking-enabled personal finance tracker and a website to monitor temperature in making homebrewed beer.

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