Julya Holden

Senior Learning & Development Business Partner

+44 (0)20 4582 1412

Julya Holden

Julya Holden is an experienced and pragmatic leader with expertise in learning and development, executive coaching and operational cultural change strategies. Julya has a proven record of designing and implementing strategies that enhance employee engagement, retention, competency, wellness and overall performance. She has particular experience in the travel, recruitment, real estate and facilities management sectors.

Known for her exceptional communication skills and adaptability, Julya simplifies complex information for diverse audiences. She has successfully driven organisational cultural change in various commercial settings, ranging from start-ups to international enterprises, in both the UK and New Zealand.

With her wealth of experience and strong commitment to creating a thriving work environment, Julya believes in collaboration and fostering continuous learning. She also supports individuals on their professional and personal journeys.

Julya actively engages in commercial initiatives and strives to make a positive difference. She recognises the value of giving back, and her adaptability, resilience and confidence enable her to challenge the status quo. With her leadership expertise and dedication, Julya inspires others to achieve their potential and believes in creating a better tomorrow.

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