Lynne Rowland

Lynne sees every client as an individual in their own right, with priorities and concerns that she endeavours to understand. She much prefers face-to-face contact to email and formal written communication and one of Lynne’s greatest strengths is her unwavering commitment to do the best for her clients.

Lynne’s 20 years of experience as a general tax practitioner means that she is able to bring together tax, legal and financial planning support in an integrated approach that clients appreciate as it provides an all-round advice in a cost-effective manner. She is involved in all areas of tax work which incorporates personal tax compliance and planning for tax efficiency, inheritance tax, trusts and succession planning, wills, probate and estate administration.  She also advises those leaving or entering the UK on domicile issues, tax disputes and disclosures. Clients include individuals, trustees, executors and attorneys across all sectors and many international jurisdictions

She has lectured on a variety of subjects to fellow professionals and to clients, and has written many opinion pieces that have been published in non-technical forums and established professional publications.

Outside of work, Lynne likes to spend as much time with her family and friends as possible.  She supports her two daughters in their equestrian pursuits, as unpaid groom and chauffeur to horses Zorro, Max and Coby.  When time permits she enjoys travelling, cooking, and reading.