Niall Doherty

Chief Information Officer

+44 (0)20 7566 3894

Niall Doherty

Niall Doherty is responsible for Moore Kingston Smith’s Technology department strategy and direction, and heads the firm’s technology board. He has spearheaded the department’s dramatic growth in terms of support, infrastructure, network and development to keep the firm on the front foot technologically. He plays a pivotal role in the firm’s digital transformation service offering.

Technology being the underpinning to a business’s success, the entire firm relies on Niall’s motivated highly skilled and competent teams to deliver successful technology change. Over the years, Niall has delivered hyper-converged infrastructures, cutting edge networking, cloud telephony and highly available virtual desktop infrastructures.

He is cloud-certified in several stacks enabling him to take on every scenario, ranging from board level requirements to proof of concept and ultimate delivery, including on-premises infrastructure and cloud-integrated services.

For Niall, the possibilities of technology, process, procedures and automation are incredibly exciting. He thrives on researching and devising bespoke solutions that fit business needs no matter the situation.

Previously, Niall has worked at some of the largest global organisations in financial services overseeing information security, large-scale roll-outs, programme and project management and end-user computing. Today, digital transformation and technology strategy are his main focus.