Ricky O’Connell

Ricky O’Connell is a Director in the forensic accounting services department and is experienced in forensic investigations, restructuring and advisory across a diverse range of businesses, sectors and jurisdictions. His work includes fraud investigations, contractual and commercial disputes, matrimonial cases and compulsory purchase cases.

His role within the department is to prepare, or assist in the preparation of, Expert Witness and Advisory reports for both civil and criminal cases, with a primary focus on fraud investigations. He is particularly skilled at data analytics, being able to analyse and condense large data sets to extract meaningful information and draw relevant conclusions to support decision making processes.

Ricky regularly carries out investigations for banks into various matters relating to irrecoverable loans, and investigations into the extent to which funds have been diverted or misused by borrowers.

Ricky has recently returned from a year-long secondment at the Serious Fraud Office, where he worked on a large variety of highly sensitive matters. This experience included leading interviews of auditors big four accounting practices relating to the mis-selling of financial products, a number of highly detailed financial tracing exercises, both for bribery and corruption and CLBILS funds, assessments of companies’ abilities to pay fines, and working with the SFO’s intelligence team regarding the potential acceptance of a new high profile case. During the secondment he also attended three week-long interview training courses, covering both witnesses and suspects.

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