Vanish Patel

Senior Digital Transformation Analyst

+44 (0)20 4582 1726

Vanish Patel

Vanish Patel is a member of the digital transformation team and handles the day-to-day operations and maintenance of KS Cohere – our data analytics platform. Previous experience of UX enabled Vanish to assemble a team to expand the feature set of KS Cohere based on user feedback.

He is also responsible for fine-tuning accounts preparations and audit working papers, implementing the use of artificial intelligence analytics across the audit department and training trainees on KS Cohere.

Vanish mobilised a team of ACA trainees to support other departments in the firm, most notably the education team. Under his guidance, they created an internal benchmarking tool for independent schools which has proved highly efficient and beneficial operationally.

Vanish is on Moore Kingston Smith’s diversity and inclusion committee. The committee’s goal is ensure that the practices and culture of the firm are not negatively affecting individuals, such as discrimination, career progression and ability to voice concerns without repercussions.

Vanish is a guest lecturer at Brunel University and University of Westminster on the impact of technological change. He also speaks at employability workshops for these universities.

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