Winnie Seow Mei

China Desk Sales Lead

Winnie Seow Mei

Winnie is experienced at helping UK businesses expand into China and the wider Far East region. She also assists Chinese and Far Eastern companies with setting up in the UK. Winnie works with clients to identify relevant opportunities, avoid obstacles, navigate unfamiliar business cultures and comply with necessary regulations.

Over the last decade, Winnie has held different roles within the public and private sector, where she supported multinational corporations and SMEs on their market entry and expansion needs. She has a good understanding of businesses in the financial and professional services and technology sector.

Winnie is result-orientated, and she delivers her service in a friendly and professional way. She is also a recipient of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Diplomatic Excellence Award, where she was recognised for her work to identify opportunities for the UK government to showcase its first sovereign Sukuk on the global stage in 2015.

Winne has lived and worked in China and Southeast Asia and is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. She prides herself on her good understanding of cultural sensitivity and ways of working with clients in China and the Far East. Winnie builds trust and excellent relationships, which her clients value highly.