Real estate and construction

Our specialist real estate and construction (REC) team has a wealth of experience working with investment, development and construction businesses across all asset classes. Our clients range from large international corporate groups and funds to individuals and everything in between, giving us in-depth and diverse industry experience.

How we can help REC businesses

First and foremost, we create a positive impact with sustainable success for our clients. We are known for being proactive and communicating clearly, with quality underpinning absolutely everything we do. We operate a partner led service using partners focused on the REC industry. These partners are supported by a close-knit team, equally dedicated to REC. Additionally, we call on the services of all our in-house experts, ensuring you get tailored advice, fast. Businesses of all types rely on our timely and informed advice, including:

  • Multinationals
  • Offshore investors
  • Large corporates
  • Owner-managed businesses
  • SMEs
  • High net worth families and individuals.

Through our membership of the Moore Global Network, we support clients across multiple jurisdictions, delivering a seamless and efficient international service. We also regularly issue up-to-date information and guidance on the latest legislation and upcoming changes affecting the sector, to help you stay ahead of any issues affecting your business.

Our services

To find out how we can help your real estate or construction business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

What our clients say

Christopher Bartram, Collins Construction

Moore Kingston Smith offers a comprehensive all-round package. There has always been an expert within the firm to guide us through the challenges the business has faced over the years. There’s always somebody we can talk to.

Jerome Chee, Sinarmas Land

The Moore Kingston Smith team is always giving me attention. When I went to London, I was able to meet with the audit/accounting team, tax team and corporate finance team. I think they brought in virtually everybody that was working on our account. The effort they put in was unique and I really appreciated it.

Sangita Shah, Bilby PLC

The Moore Kingston Smith team has an in-depth knowledge of our business and our listing requirements. They are flexible, agile and have built up an excellent engaging relationship with the audit committee which has ensured robust, challenging and free-flowing dialogue.

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