We work with numerous clients within the construction industry and understand the environment and challenges these businesses face.

Now that the UK has recovered, in the main, from the financial crisis the construction industry is seeing a huge increase in demand as the government encourages housebuilders to deliver against ambitious new home targets and pushes forward some major infrastructure projects. Picking the right opportunities to generate profits and value remains, as always, a challenge.

Tax changes such as the Apprenticeship Levy are not making the financial management of construction companies any easier. Access to finance also remains a challenge – but alternative options mean that companies whose management keep themselves aware of all opportunities may be able to get ahead of their competition.

Getting the right advice when you need it, from advisers who understand the construction industry, can make a significant difference to the resulting rewards of your business.

Having accurate and timely financial information also continues to be an essential part of running a successful construction project. Cloud based accounting software, such as the flexible packages we offer, can provide a cost effective and efficient means of maintaining those financial records, giving you the clear understanding you need. And for those larger businesses/projects that require more scrutiny and oversight a thorough, but commercial, audit can be an essential component to you, and your investors’ peace of mind.

How we can help you

Moore Kingston Smith provides a broad, flexible and commercial service offering, helping our clients through all stages of their business and projects.

As well as a wide range of accounting, audit, tax and other business services, we have extensive experience in providing construction industry clients with sector relevant services, including:

  • Project planning and cash flow forecasting
  • Project structuring and tax efficient profit extraction
  • VAT
  • Capital allowances and land remediation relief
  • Construction Industry scheme (CIS)
  • Employment law and taxes
  • Loss of profit disputes
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