The construction industry changes rapidly due to the competitive nature of the sector, so our clients, many of them contractors are now asking us to assist on large-scale projects as they transition their operations to integrate new technologies, ideas and opportunities.

Our advisory work puts us at the very forefront of the sector. We have observed key trends emerge such as intelligence driven by big data, the rise of digital contractors, mobile construction work, building information modelling (BIM), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). All of which is not only changing building design, but also changing attitudes to methods of construction such as pre-fabrication and modular construction.Our team has extensive construction sector experience and knowledge and we work with numerous clients to deliver large commercial, residential and industrial projects. We understand the environment and challenges many businesses within the sector now face, with continued concerns around rising material costs, availability and labour.

Our team regularly works with clients who are delivering complex construction projects in accordance with strict deadlines and we work in much the same manner. We also act for those supplying services to the sector such as scaffolding, plant, demolition, utilities and renewable energy. We provide effective finance, risk and reporting services that improve efficiency and minimise costs.

In our capacity as advisers, we see many of our clients within the sector beginning to harness the power of information. A wave of innovation and digitisation is beginning to change the way construction firms approach and manage their projects, with cloud computing emerging as the preferred vehicle for business operations worldwide. To help our clients capitalise on digital innovation and adopt a bolder, more agile approach we offer a tailored cloud accounting package which provides a cost-effective and efficient means of maintaining financial records, while giving our clients the clear understanding they need.

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