The resurgence in the property market in the South East has been great news for many of our entrepreneurial clients. However, finding opportunities to buy land in desirable locations remains a significant challenge and increasing construction costs are of concern, particularly post-BREXIT.

Getting the right advice when you need it, from advisers who understand the issues facing property developers, can make a significant difference to the results of a project.

How we can help you

Moore Kingston Smith offers broad, flexible and commercial advice to our clients when developments are being assessed. We assist in identifying a commercial, practical but also tax-efficient structure which can be implemented and run by our clients if the project proceeds.

We have significant experience in implementing the joint venture and profit sharing agreements that are commonly used to manage development projects.  Our team uses this experience to highlight practical problems which we share with our clients.  We focus on the practical implications of the terms included in these agreements so the key issues are understood by all parties at the start of their business partnership.

As well as a wide range of accounting, audit, tax and other business services we have extensive experience in providing clients in the sector with relevant services including:

  • Project planning and cash flow forecasting
  • Project structuring and tax efficient profit extraction
  • VAT
  • Land Remediation Relief
  • Construction Industry scheme (CIS)
  • Employment law and taxes
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