Information Security & Data Protection

Moore Kingston Smith Consulting’s technology solutions are based on two principles: the need for high levels of technical skill to address technical threats, and awareness that many of the greatest losses come from ‘routine’ risks which are not effectively addressed.

Technology can be transformational in helping to deliver significant business improvements and yet it brings with it some of the greatest and fastest changing threats. With technology taking an increasing proportion of corporate spending, it now represents the major concentration of risk and reward for many businesses. MKSC’s particular expertise is balancing this risk with the reward to maximise ROI for our clients.

We have extensive experience of dealing with global regulators and providing data privacy solutions which ensure that compliant handling of client data does not disrupt ‘business as usual’.

  • Who is taking responsibility for the smooth functioning of your organisation’s data estate?
  • Does your organisation actually need ISO27001?
  • What questions would a regulator ask if they were to examine your systems?

MKSC can help you answer these questions and others, and put in place procedures to ensure that your organisation can keep pace in this fast-changing risk area.

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