Internal Audit

Whether your organisation’s internal audit function is fully outsourced to Moore Kingston Smith Consulting, or whether we are ‘co-sourced’ for specialist areas, our team has extensive experience in planning and executing internal audits.

Those performing in-house controls assurance activity, be they internal audit or a management control function, are often hard pressed to possess all the technical and business expertise needed to effectively review business controls. The pace of development and complexity in areas like technology and compliance make it very unlikely that an in-house team with finite resources will have the skills they need to generate adequate assurance in every case. MKSC offers a pool of specialist technical resources from which a business can draw to meet their needs. As this support is only there when it is required it is a cost-effective way of filling internal skills gaps.

Moore Kingston Smith Consulting is also committed to developing client capability and will aim to pass knowledge on to your own staff so the dependency on external help can be reduced