KS Vision

KS Vision

KS Vision is a bespoke case management system and client portal, developed by the client services team at Moore Kingston Smith Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. It is designed to alert you when either a company or an individual begins a formal insolvency process, ensuring that you are informed as quickly as possible, and can act swiftly to recover any monies that may be outstanding.

The alert service is delivered by proactively monitoring your customer file against the daily feeds of corporate and consumer insolvencies. When a match is found, an alert is sent directly to your inbox.

KS Vision is able to manage the entire claim process for you, with all case specific information available for review in an easily accessible online portfolio. You will also have access to the client services team who are able to provide assistance throughout the process.

Whenever you need a helping hand to recover your potential, you can rely on our expertise.

Lead Contact

Dale Hernon

Director of Client Services - Moore Kingston Smith Licensed Insolvency Practitioners
+44 (0)20 7566 4020
Email: Dale Hernon

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