Estate planning

We can help secure a valuable legacy for your loved ones. It is important to plan ahead to mitigate potential inheritance tax (IHT) and ensure your wealth can pass on to your beneficiaries efficiently. We can provide you with estate planning advice to ensure your estate is handled effectively and distributed in line with your wishes.

Ask yourself what happens when you are no longer here? Will your family and loved ones receive the care and support they need?

MKSFA deliver careful and sympathetic planning so you can look to the future with the certainty of knowing your estate will be distributed according to your wishes and that any inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities are minimised or mitigated – leaving more for the people and things you care most about.

Inheritance tax advice

Estate planning can be a complicated matter. We will ensure your estate is arranged in the most tax-efficient manner that could make all the difference to the ones you leave behind. MKSFA can advise to ensure you have made use of inter-spouse transfers and any other exemptions available to you to minimise or mitigate inheritance tax.

Wills & lasting power of attorney (LPA)

Review your Will(s) to ensure that your current wishes are reflected and that you are maximising the IHT relief available. We will help you arrange a will that makes your wishes clear so those you love will be taken care of.

A LPA is a legal document that lets you (the ‘donor’) appoint one or more people (known as ‘attorneys’) to help you make decisions or to make decisions on your behalf. Our team can advise and arrange both medical and financial LPA’s on your behalves for peace of mind.


With careful planning, trusts can provide a solution in order to support your loved ones in the future without losing control of your assets. At we will take time to understand your wishes and make the arrangements that allow you to provide for others in an easy and effective way.

Life assurance

If you know your estate is going to be liable for IHT when you die, one way to ensure your family can cover the bill is to take out a life insurance policy for the amount your estate will owe. This way, your beneficiaries won’t be forced to sell the family home or any other assets in order to pay IHT bills if they’re unable to fund the bill from other sources.

Inheritance tax investment portfolios

MKSFA can provide advice on investment in unquoted securities, including AIM-listed shares that can benefit from 100% business relief from inheritance tax after holding the investments for the two year qualifying period.

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