Forensic Investigations

We have extensive experience of investigating and reporting on forensic investigations for matters ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to multimillion pound cases.

We work closely with our Moore Global network member firms to provide assistance in other jurisdictions where necessary. Our experts have been involved in a wide range of forensic investigations across diverse businesses, sectors and jurisdictions. Some examples of the areas of investigation are as follows:

  • Financial crime – identifying whether any fraud has occurred, quantifying any such fraud and advising on the prevention of financial crime.
  • Internal investigations – reviewing and analysing financial and non-financial data in order to assist in formal or informal investigations.
  • Controls issues – reviewing the controls in place at an organisation to identify deficiencies/risks and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Stolen cash – quantifying cash taken from entities and the methods used by the alleged perpetrator.

We do not charge for the initial meeting and all conversations and work carried out are on a strictly private and confidential basis.

Matters often involve data stored electronically and our eDiscovery team can ensure that this data is effectively integrated into investigations.

Case study: financial crime
We were instructed by the London branch of an overseas bank to carry out a review of thirteen loans, totalling over $750 million, which had become non-performing.

The primary aim of our work was to identify whether any of the funds transferred by the bank had been diverted for use by other group companies and whether there had been any wrongdoing by the borrowers regarding their treatment of the loans.

We found instances where there had been fraudulent activity on the accounts and identified shell companies with which artificial transactions were likely to have occurred.

In addition to the above, we also set out recommendations to the bank to help identify potential signs of fraud throughout the duration of loan relationships to mitigate risk and limit the loss of funds.

Case study: internal investigation – confidential investigation into CEO’s activities
We undertook a highly confidential and detailed investigation into the activities of a chief executive of a trade association.

The scope of the investigation included financial transactions with the company, expense claims, the extent of overseas travel and the director’s relationships with members of staff. We prepared a detailed report for the chairman of the board, following which disciplinary proceedings were brought against the chief executive. The chief executive was subsequently dismissed and funds were recovered for the benefit of the association.

During our review, we also identified other instances where employees appeared to have been reclaiming excessive business expenses.

Case study: care home and handling of resident’s funds
We were instructed by a charity which, among other things, operates an alms house. We were informed of allegations of misappropriation by one of the employees from residents.

We were asked to investigate the alleged misappropriation, with particular reference to the policies and procedures in place regarding the handling of residents’ monies. We provided a report to the trustees setting out our opinion on the deficiencies in the control systems, the alleged misappropriation and our recommendations for change.

Case study: stolen cash – London Philharmonic Orchestra (publicly reported)
We were instructed to investigate and quantify the fraud perpetrated by the former finance director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO).

Our work involved a detailed analysis of all cash payments made by the LPO over the relevant period to establish which payments were legitimate expenditure for the benefit of the LPO, and which were fraudulent payments made to, or for the benefit of, the former finance director.

A settlement was reached with the former finance director and with the LPO’s former auditors. The former finance director was subsequently convicted in criminal proceedings and imprisoned.