Financial Sustainability

Finance is often viewed as simply being a cost centre within an organisation and not actually adding value to their charitable activities. However, we see finance as a critical part of your organisation and part of the infrastructure platform that supports and enhances your charitable work.

Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising & Management’s team of finance professionals can work with your finance team to establish how they can evolve to better serve the current and future needs of your organisation. We take a holistic view of finance to establish what your finance function does now versus what it needs to do in the future. We then look at how you can put that change into practice to make finance a business partner to the rest of your organisation.

We care about your sustainability and have extensive experience in getting charities more money through improving their cost recovery and pricing strategy. Effectively costing your services is vital for bidding for grants and contracts as well as the internal management of your organisation.

Whether it be reviewing or developing your business model, conducting an options review, educating you about social investment, or helping you to develop a social enterprise, we are dedicated to working with you to unlock your organisation’s full potential.

Improving your financial sustainability will enable you to:

  • Look at the current and future resources needed to be able to maintain your work
  • Have the resources to be able to innovate and reimagine your organisation
  • Be more impactful and create more change for those you serve
  • Be more effective and efficient and gives you the money to be able to change
  • Invest in your staff

We offer every client a free no obligation consultancy session, at no charge, to explore how we can help you manage your organisation with greater impact, fundraise more strategically and evolve your organisation’s financial sustainability – both for now and the future.