While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to fundraising, there are common themes to successfully raising money.

A funding pitch is compelling if it communicates what you do, along with the expected impact on those you seek to help through a gift. Effective prospect research needs to focus not just on identifying those who have wealth, but also their warmth, and your access to them.

KSFM’s team of fundraising professionals can help you match your case, the what, with the who to ensure your fundraising is as strong as possible. Too often fundraising fails because charities have an incomplete understanding of these paradigms. Compelling fundraising looks beyond simply matching your outputs with a prospect’s wealth.

We offer every client a free, entirely no obligation, two-hour consultancy session to explore how we can help you fundraise more effectively and grow. To find out more, speak to the team directly on 020 7566 4000.

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