Mentoring & Support

We work with organisations or specific fundraising teams (e.g. major gifts) in providing staff mentoring and support. This way, we can help to implement your strategy where staff experience or time and resources for consultancy are limited. Alternatively, our input can contribute towards general staff professional development. Mentoring typically involves between six to twelve monthly sessions, plus an initial session to set goals and objectives.

“Dan is a thoughtful listener, his insights helped to build my confidence during a period of change as I stepped up to a Head of Development role. His experience from a range of different charities helped to broaden my own perspective, and his up to the minute advice on fundraising rules and regulations were invaluable. I looked forward to our regular meetings which provided me with clarity of mind and confidence in the decisions I was making. I recommend anyone in a similar situation to seek out a mentor, and Dan would be top of my list.”

Kathryn Beale, Head of Development, Arvon

“The mentoring I received from Moore Kingston Smith has been invaluable in my role. Coming from a Trust background, stepping up to a Head of Fundraising role was both a daunting and exciting prospect, especially as I did not have experience of all the areas of Fundraising that the team I was managing work on. I often said to Dan that I had a ‘gut’ instinct as to how to approach the strategy and new ideas for fundraising and Dan’s mentoring and vast experience gave me the confidence to present these ‘gut instincts’ in a more confident, professional manner with more detailed reasoning to my Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees. Until you have had the opportunity to talk through ideas with an external experienced party, you really can’t appreciate just how beneficial the thinking space can be.”

Jessica Oliver, Head of Fundraising at Challengers