We take you through the compliance journey from start to finish and with our unparalleled mix of commercial and charitable expertise, we are dedicated to enhancing the value in our approach.

  • Discovery – We meet department heads, understanding your organisation’s aims and objectives and how that fits with the GDPR.
  • Project management and lead – As part of the GDPR Compliance Journey, we can, if required assume project manager and lead for the entire journey, this will include responsibility for creating meetings and ensuring cohesion across your organisation.
  • We create data mapping for your streams and departments, which will create a GAP Analysis on which we will build the Compliance journey with connected action plans for relevant members.
  • We can produce bespoke draft versions of a range of policies and procedures necessary to demonstrate GDPR compliance.
  • We present draft policy documents so that amendments can be agreed, discussing the implications of any changes and further guidance.
  • We meet heads of departments to discuss the changes, how these might be implemented and advise on timelines.
  • Once policies have been agreed, we train heads of departments in GDPR staff awareness training and create staff training collateral to further train relevant staff.
  • We will provide a full handover of policy documents for implementation into your organisation.
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