HR Telephone Support

The Employee Relations response function has always been integral to MKSHR Consultancy.  We recognise that employing staff can lead to all sorts of queries and questions and the response team are here to answer them.  If you want to double-check a holiday pay calculation, want to know what you need to do when an employee goes on maternity leave, need to manage employees’ poor performance or need to manage a redundancy process we are here to walk you through every step.  We keep up to date with the latest case law and legislation so you don’t have to, offering pragmatic and commercially focused solutions to your employment issues.

Onsite Support

We understand that you don’t deal with employment relations issues every day and when they arise, it can take a seasoned manager out of their comfort zone. If you want some reassurance, whether during an investigation, disciplinary or  a redundancy process, then our consultants are on hand to either support you or take the lead in these situations.


Disputes will crop up at every place of work at one time or another and how you deal with it as an employer will determine how successful and long lasting any resolution will be.  Mediation supports individuals to reach their own agreement without having any decision imposed on them which, experience proves, makes for a more durable and effective resolution. At MKSHR Consultancy, we can supply a trained mediator who can assist with workplace disputes between two or more parties at any level.  Early recognition of conflicts and using mediation as an intervention can mean the prevention of using more time consuming formal processes such as grievances and disciplinaries. This will usually result in a more positive outcome for all parties involved, including the employer.

Contracts of employment

Providing a contract to employees is not only required by law, but is an excellent tool to protect your business. Setting the rules and ensuring that in the event of a falling out, you have the legal tools available to deal with it swiftly and with minimal disruption to your business.

Whether you’re starting out and need contracts for the first time or you’re already an established business, we work with you to define carefully worded contracts to protect your company.

Employee handbook

Unlike the contract of employment, the employee handbook is not legally binding and can be changed and updated as your company grows. The handbook is a carefully worded employee reference document. This not only serves as a great tool to outline the benefits and rules your employees are working to; it also serves as a user guide for your management team, improving their credibility and confidence when it comes to managing their employees.

Employee Assistance programmes

If you want to provide your employees with access to a telephone helpline, then we are able to arrange this for you. This independent service enables employees to call 24/7 on a range of different topics, not just limited to employment advice, but also financial, legal and bereavement.

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