Create a people strategy linked to your business plan

Your people are intrinsic to your organisation’s success. Without them, you have no business plan. We’ve seen countless ambitious SMEs fall short of their potential simply by not recognising this, or at least by not addressing it.

By identifying and prioritising key risks, challenges and opportunities, you can ultimately optimise your enterprise value. Along the way, you’ll minimise your reputational risk, reduce your business costs and have the best team in town on your payroll.

How we can help

To start, you need to assess the current state of your talent management, which is where we come in. We get your senior management together and take them through our Talent360 diagnostic process. It’s intensive and thorough and by the end of it, you’ll have got to the bottom of what you need to fix. Whether it’s attracting, developing, retaining or rewarding your key assets, we can help you.

Here’s a taster of what we’ll look at:

  • Talent attraction – improve your employee proposition to attract great candidates and make your recruitment process slick and effective.
  • Employee reward and recognition – consider the pros and cons of different incentivisation strategies and build your own cost-effective benefits package. We can call on our in-house tax, pension and insured benefit experts whenever necessary.
  • Employee retention – lower staff turnover while improving trust, career development and reward.
  • Employment law compliance – make sure your employment contracts are in good shape, minimise your reputational and financial risk of employee disputes and manage the people elements of TUPE transfer, sale or acquisition.
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