Have an exciting recruitment and on-boarding process

Whether you’re interviewing candidates or welcoming new recruits, you’ll want to make a great impression on them. Create a recruitment experience that not only gives you a real insight into the people you’re hiring but also shows your organisation in its best light and highlights why people would want to come and work for you.

Similarly when they join your organisation, build a great induction experience that demonstrates what a great place it is to work. You’d be amazed at how many businesses go straight into focusing on the job details without considering the ‘welcome’ aspect.

How we can help

Your organisation will have its own culture, values and ways of doing things. Certain types of role may need specific induction processes. This is why we don’t apply a blanket approach when we’re called in for advice. First off, we’ll involve you in the design of processes to understand what is working well already (by looking at previous hiring successes) and where the process isn’t working so well.

We involve you throughout to make sure you end up with an exciting and effective recruitment and on-boarding process that is perfect for your particular organisation.

On top of that, we can help with designing and running assessment centres for high-volume recruitment, designing searching interview questions, administering psychometric assessments or drafting appealing job profiles


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