Implement an organisational structure that means something

Your business requirements are constantly changing because your teams tend to evolve organically. As your needs and strategy advance, you need to review your organisational design with due consideration to the overall plan for your business as it grows. We can help facilitate this.

How we can help

We’ll scrutinise your existing structure and make detailed recommendations on how to strengthen it. Sometimes, small adjustments can reap huge rewards. Where necessary, we provide roadmaps and timescales and any other documentation needed for making changes. We’ll also suggest the number and type of meetings that should be held with any affected staff.

We take a commercial view throughout to ensure you’re legally compliant and applying best practice. Our in-house employment law expert will be on hand for any high-risk changes.

Updating your structure like this will transform your retention and recruitment setup. People are less likely to leave if they can see a career path that they like. And people are more likely to join if they can clearly see their own progression in your organisation.

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