Link competencies to your job descriptions

It’s good practice to link competencies to job descriptions for many reasons. Most importantly, employees know the level of expectation of each role, which supports their career progression. It also helps you plan for the development of your teams and know who you’re looking for when recruiting. This all contributes to your positive employer brand.

Crucially, however, when recruiting, think beyond what you want the person merely to do. Think about the actual person you want to do it. Besides the obvious necessary skills, consider what sort of personality, aptitude and outlook would complement your current team and indeed, what attributes have worked well in the past.

How we can help

We can help you design a simple-to-use framework of competencies and personal attributes for your organisation. This framework not only ensures that your employees know what is needed to excel at all levels but also helps you ensure you recruit and retain the right people for your organisation.

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