Turn your managers into leaders

Your managers are the ones who understand, organise and motivate your people to achieve your organisation’s overall end goals. Or at least they should be if they’re good.

Those new to management positions probably need to build their confidence and skills. Even your current managers can find top-up training useful from time to time.

How we can help

Identifying development needs and one-to-one coaching

Sometimes managers’ ability or development needs can be assumed without consideration for their natural style or preferences. We can use psychometric assessments which identify preferences and attitudes to different aspects of working life.
Individuals take an assessment online and receive individual tailored feedback with a development action plan from a qualified consultant.

People management training

Our training focuses on enabling managers to facilitate results through others. They learn how to direct and develop their teams, set expectations and manage their performance. Our training is participative and reflective.

It’s us who deliver the training, not hired-in trainers. We work daily with line managers in all sectors, so we have a firm grasp of common priorities and frustrations. We can come to your premises or you can come to ours, whichever suits you best.

360-degree feedback

360-degree feedback is a popular and effective way to find out anonymously what peers, senior management and team members think, warts an’ all. Recipients learn how others see them and have an opportunity to adjust behaviours and develop skills so they can excel at their job. We can manage this process for you from setting up the questions, gathering the feedback to delivering the feedback.

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