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Our Legal team is on hand to guide you though those difficult legal situations, from dealing with settlement agreements to employment tribunal support should you need it. The law is complex and always changing and we know how frustrating it is for you when you are told you “can’t do that” or “the law says this” so we don’t do it. We focus on providing pragmatic and commercial advice that will help minimise your risk of a claim, but never on telling you what you can do with your own business.

Settlement agreements

If you want to end a difficult employment relationship, MKSHR Consultancy can help draft a settlement agreement and negotiate the terms with the employee’s representatives. We know that settling with an employee is about more than just giving someone money to go away. A well drafted and negotiated settlement agreement will protect your business interests, preventing an employee from bringing a claim at an Employment Tribunal. We will help draft your proposed reference and announcements for you and include them in the settlement agreement to ensure they are legally safe.

Early conciliation

Employees and employers now have to try and settle their differences through ACAS before a Tribunal will hear a claim. These conversations may seem like a formality, but they can be crucial in minimising the risk of a claim. The MKSHR team can negotiate with the employee and their representatives to get you the best deal and will draft the terms of settlement so that they protect your company against any future claims.

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