Employment law

We work together to offer pragmatic employment law services that help you to manage your people risks

Let me introduce myself, and the employment law support we can offer you at Moore Kingston Smith HR Consultancy.

Working with you

Our employment law advisers provide businesses and people managers with pragmatic employment law solutions that support businesses with, or without, an existing HR team to manage their people risks.

The employment law services we offer

Employment tribunal defence

Facing a tribunal claim can be daunting. Our experienced specialists can defend proceedings for you, using solid defence strategies, mitigating financial risk and preserving your business reputation. From case preparation to representation at hearings, you are not alone.

Tailored settlement agreements

Our specialists meticulously draft settlement agreements to safeguard your business interests while meeting statutory requirements. Benefit from our industry-specific, bespoke solutions reflecting your unique needs and objectives. Partner with us and pre-emptively defuse potential disputes.

TUPE transfer advice

Involved in outsourcing, insourcing, or business acquisition? We streamline your TUPE transfers. Count on us for a frictionless and compliant process, shielding your business from legal pitfalls. Our advice on employee rights, obligations, and liabilities paves the way for your successful ventures.

Compliance 360 diagnostic

We understand the value of peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your organisation is compliant when it comes to employment law requirements. Our Compliance 360 is a simple and effective diagnostic tool that will clearly inform of you of any actions you need to take to ensure compliance in your employment processes.

What our clients say

Donal assisted us with the defence of an employment tribunal claim. He provided us with clear advice and guidance about the process, our options and risks and drafted all relevant documents accurately to comply with tribunal deadlines. His proactive and hands-on approach removed a lot of stress from the process and enabled us to feel confident that the case was being handled effectively and that we could focus on running our business whilst also giving attention to the essential task of defending the claim.

Donal has excelled our expectations in regards to a threatened employment tribunal. We received notice of the tribunal only 9 days before it was due to sit. Donal responded immediately in three parallel work strands: assisting us in drawing up a response; securing a barrister; and engaging with the legal representative of the claimant. Within 2 days we had an initial response submitted to Counsel, within 4 days he had built up a full and compelling response, which when sent to the Clamant with this covering communication, led to her withdrawing her claim entirely. He then followed through swiftly and ensured the claim was struck off by the Court. He worked long hours outside of normal office times which he managed to convey to us as exclusive time, when I am sure he had other important tasks on this place. We cannot praise him enough, and by extension the support of MKS HR.

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