Job Specifications

We understand that until you have a clear definition of what you are looking for, it’ll be hard to find the right candidate. We’ll work with you to outline why you want to recruit and what the role will deliver, how it’ll be delivered and key competencies to make the role a success. Our team will then draft the job descriptions which you use to help you find the right person. Recruitment is an expensive business, so getting it right first time not only saves you time and potential problems, it also saves you money.

Competency Based Interviews

An interview is not an opportunity to allow a candidate to take you through their CV, but an opportunity for you to ask questions around real situations in your business and understand how they face those challenges.  Our consultants can sit in on your interviews with you and using the competencies defined in the job specification ask thought provoking questions, allowing candidates to draw from their experiences. This will give you a real insight into how they manage themselves and asking the right questions can help you understand how they may behave in the work place.

Psychometric Assessments

We use a number of competency based assessments, which may be completed online or via a paper based questionnaire. The type of role for which you are recruiting will determine the specific competencies we recommend you use. These assessments should never be used as a standalone tool during the recruitment process, however, they will provide you with a number of questions to ask about the candidates’ competencies and experience during the interview process.

Assessment Centres 

If you’re planning high volume recruitment and depending on the functions you are recruiting for, assessment centres can be a cost effect and quick way to assess a number of candidates simultaneously.

Our team will work with you to understand the role specifications, skills, competencies and interpersonal proficiencies that make successful employees in the role. We design assessments that will help you quickly identify the candidates who are the right fit for your business.

Disclosure and Barring Services & Pre-employment Checks

It may be driven by your internal polices or required by your clients, either way, MKSHR Consultancy is able to assist you with a number of pre-employment checks including medical, DBS, financial, education and qualification screening.

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