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Let me introduce myself, and the reward services we offer at Moore Kingston Smith HR Consultancy.

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Our team of reward specialists are here to enhance the total reward experience of your people.  Using our experience and knowledge of reward in your industry and local market we deliver inspiring results that are sustainable and simple for you to implement.

The specialist reward services we offer

What clients say about our reward services

One of the key benefits is their flexible approach to understanding the needs of different functions within the business, and the challenges this brings. The HR Consultancy team at Moore Kingston Smith are experienced in challenging business thinking, providing creative solutions to arrive at an agreed outcome.

The specialist reward services we offer in more detail

Reward 360 diagnostic

The Reward 360 is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that takes a deep dive into the impact and effectiveness of your current reward strategy.  It is deliberately simple and focuses on four key areas: pay, benefits, careers and wellbeing.  The outcome of the diagnostic is to identify opportunities to strengthen your total reward and give a clear tailored action plan to enable your business to implement a sustainable reward strategy that will enhance the total reward experience of your people.
Reimagine your reward people advisory

Bonus structures

Spearhead your organisation’s success with our tailored bonus structures. Our seasoned team can develop personalised bonus programmes that align employee performance with your company’s strategic objectives. This will:

  • Enable performance-based rewards
  • Promote a high-performance culture
  • Strengthen employee motivation and retention

With an impressive track record of implementing performance-improving bonus schemes, we can strengthen your internal resources, ensuring a superior project delivery that satisfies your stakeholders.

Long-term incentive plans

Our adept team is works to streamline your Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIPs). With our deep understanding of LTIPs, we can:

  • Strategise suitable incentive plans
  • Align them with your company’s long-term goals
  • Ensure they foster employee loyalty and commitment

Leverage our comprehensive experience in LTIPs to augment your organisation’s long-term success and stability.

Salary benchmarking

We use our global industry experience combined with technology and the latest market data for your business size, sector, industry, and the local markets you operate to provide you with accurate salary data to enable your business to make informed decisions that attract, retain and reward your people.

Our tried and tested method to approach your benchmarking:

Salary benchmarking process for HR consultants

Executive Compensation

Transform your organisation’s success with our tailored Executive Compensation strategies. Our skilled team develop personalised executive pay packages that attract, retain, and motivate top-tier talent and align executives’ interests with the long-term success of your organisation. This will:

  • Foster leadership commitment and dedication
  • Promote a culture of performance and accountability
  • Strengthen executive engagement and loyalty

With strong expertise on devising leading executive compensation plans, we are ready to boost your internal strategies, ensuring an outstanding executive package that satisfies your stakeholders.

Phantom Shares

Elevate your employee incentive game with our Phantom Shares scheme. This unique approach enables your employees to enjoy the benefits of share ownership without releasing equity. With our scheme, you can:

  • Foster employee engagement and loyalty
  • Encourage participation in company success
  • Avoid dilution of equity

With our profound knowledge of Phantom Shares schemes, you’ll experience a smooth and beneficial implementation process.

EMI schemes

Broaden your reward strategies with our Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes. We provide expert advice to help you implement these tax-advantaged share option schemes, enabling you to:

  • Attract and retain key employees
  • Align employee interests with shareholders
  • Enjoy significant tax advantages

Benefit from our EMI scheme expertise and enhance your company’s overall reward package, positioning you to compete successfully for top talent.

We provide personalised consultations, guiding you towards innovative, sustainable solutions. We tailor our strategic HR services to address your unique challenges backed by data and industry insights.

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