Writing effective bids

Writing effective bids

Many charities do not have the capacity or expertise to write their own bids. They are either inexperienced in this area, are fire-fighting and trying to keep their heads above water or have reduced staff numbers and therefore just do not have capacity. Many are unsure which grants are available to them.

Our bid-writing service was launched in response to the Coronavirus crisis. It will help nonprofit organisations gain access to desperately needed grant funds during this time. It guides charities through putting together compelling bids quickly as they respond to the crisis. We also advise on which grants to apply for so charities do not waste time applying for grants they are not eligible for.

Having a diverse and experienced team, we can help charities understand and articulate the fundamental aspects of a grant application, such as the budget (including costing this effectively), social impact and an effective ‘ask’.

Who we can help

Any charity in a position to respond to the Coronavirus crisis and those that are going to be affected. Grants are not necessarily the right solution for every charity or project and neither are they always a quick fix. If applying for grants is not the right approach, we can help you consider other options and income streams.

How we can help

Members of our fundraising team including impact and finance experts will ensure your submission is as compelling and convincing as possible. We work on specific applications as directed by you, or propose suitable funders that we can then approach on your behalf.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about effective bid-writing or are interested in a 30-minute pro bono session, please fill in the contact form below.


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