Impact measurement

Impact measurement is crucial for any organisation that delivers social good

Understanding your organisation’s impact will help you to:

  • Focus your work on what really matters – accountability to your stakeholders
  • Report on the achievements of existing and future services
  • Strengthen your organisation for the longer term
  • Raise public trust and support
  • Attract social investors and grow new income streams

We have a range of options to help you achieve this, suitable for organisations at any point in their journey, from initial advice, training, mentoring, indicative impact forecasting through to full evaluative measurement. Our team, led by Dan Fletcher, includes Level 3 Advanced Impact Practitioners and specialists across the social value measurement spectrum.

What our clients say

Sarah Allport, Head of Communities and Governance, Dunhill Medical Trust

They are absolute experts in the subject matter, they really get community organisations. Dan Fletcher is excellent. Very responsive, great to work with, very good on logistics and detail. I have absolute faith in him and I would recommend Moore Kingston Smith.

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