Business valuations – forensic accounting services

Our forensic accounting team provides consultancy and expert witness services to parties involved in business and financial disputes, both in the UK and internationally.

Many of the cases we are involved in centre on the issue of business valuation, which can be dealt with in a variety of dispute resolution contexts.

We are used to giving written evidence concerning a business valuation in accordance with the civil, criminal and family court procedures and have given oral evidence in court and before tribunals. Other forms of dispute resolution we can help with include mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

Our business valuation expertise falls broadly into three areas, as follows:

Shareholder/Partnership disputes

Our specialists have acted as expert witnesses and expert advisers in many disputes between shareholders in private companies and partnerships.

Our work often involves a valuation of the company or a particular shareholding as part of the exit of a shareholder or partner, whether it be in accordance with a shareholder agreement or partnership deed, or a process whereby agreed dispute resolution protocols may not exist.

Areas we can help with are:

  • Contentious business valuations on a party-appointed or single joint expert witness basis;
  • Acting in a shadow expert capacity;
  • Expert determinations/mediations/arbitrations; and
  • Negotiation assistance (when instructed on an advisory basis).

Matrimonial disputes

Business valuations arising in divorce proceedings often require an expert witness to provide evidence to the family Courts. This might be on a party-appointed or single joint basis where the overriding duty of the expert is to the court.

Our specialists can help with this, focusing on:

  • Valuations – preparing an independent valuation for the matrimonial proceedings;
  • Tax and liquidity – reporting on liquidity and tax issues, and anomalies or inconsistencies in the information supplied by a party on their Form E;
  • Shadow expert – providing an opinion on valuations prepared by third parties, and assisting with making additional information requests as appropriate, to arrive at an independent valuation of a company; and
  • Forensic analysis and investigation – discreet analysis and investigation on behalf of one of the parties on a specified area in the dispute.

Compulsory purchase orders

We can help with the highly specialised area of quantifying compensation payable to businesses affected by compulsory purchase orders (CPOs). We apply our expert financial knowledge of valuations and business interruptions coupled with our detailed understanding of the Compensation Code to ensure that a fair level of compensation is awarded.

We act for both claimants and acquiring authorities, and have been instructed on claims arising from major projects such as Crossrail and HS2, as well as numerous town centre redevelopments and shopping centre schemes.

Given that many CPO cases are settled without recourse to court proceedings, our specialists are both pragmatic and commercial. We are adept at creating concise and clearly presented documents, assisting in negotiations and mediations and have given evidence to the Land Tribunal on numerous occasions.

If you need any assistance with forensic valuations please contact our forensic team.