Since 1 April 2011, all corporation tax returns filed with HM Revenue & Customs have to be delivered electronically and accompanied by a set of financial statements in iXBRL format.

To the reader, a set of iXBRL accounts looks like any other set of financial statements; however, embedded within the document are electronic tags which are machine readable.

Using our specialist software, we can perform the tagging process for you. We will convert your existing Word or Excel accounts into iXBRL and deliver a set of accounts that meet the HMRC requirements. Different tagging lists exist for different types of company and we can deal with accounts prepared under both UK GAAP and IFRS. Our tailored approach ensures minimum impact on your business.

Our approach

  • Word / Excel accounts – You send us your year end statutory accounts in their usual format once they are finalised
  • Document conversion – We will convert your original file into the new iXBRL format
  • Tagging – We will tag your accounts using the correct tagging list. You can choose to use either the minimum tagging list defined by HMRC or the full tagging list
  • Verification – We check the final iXBRL document to confirm that it will be accepted by HMRC
  • iXBRL accounts – In addition to a set of iXBRL accounts ready for filing, we will also send you a file copy which highlights all of the tagged information with details of the tags applied
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