Creative sector tax reliefs

Expert guidance to the creative sector tax reliefs

The tax reliefs for the creative sector have expanded substantially over recent years. They include:

While these reliefs have similar characteristics, there are conditions which are specific to each.

Our team of creative sector specialists are here to guide you through the rules to ensure that you take full advantage of these reliefs. This will include looking critically at production expenditure and whether it meets the criteria for the relief concerned. They are experienced in dealing with claims in the not-for-profit sectors as well as for commercial entities.

The timing of a claim can also be crucial, and we will look to expedite the process especially where the tax credit is critical to cash flow.

We can also advise on the overall business structure to ensure that the reliefs can be optimised.

Finally, certain reliefs have a ‘Culturally British’ test, and this may require an accountants report. Our media team can assist with this aspect of the claim to ensure that the production can qualify.

If you have any questions about creative sector tax reliefs, get in touch with our lead expert Claire Robinson.

Claire Robinson is a director in our corporate tax team. She has been with the firm for over 12 years and, having trained in our West End media office, specialises in the media, entertainment, theatre, and film sectors, as well as leading our creative sector tax team. Across the sectors, Claire’s strengths lie in advising… Read more

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