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Ensure successful handling of your tax enquiries

HMRC has formal powers to enquire into an individual’s tax return within 12 months of receiving it. When HMRC launches a tax enquiry, it’s the start of a complex process that needs to be handled correctly from day one.

So if you find yourself the focus of an enquiry, it’s a good idea to get professional help immediately. That’s where our tax dispute resolution team comes in.

We’ll liaise with HMRC as they gather, review and analyse information, so that you don’t have to. We’ll identify how to complete each stage of the enquiry, because we understand what is fundamental to achieving progress, irrespective of HMRC’s final conclusion.

Dealing with HMRC’s procedures

If HMRC are launching an enquiry into your tax return, you’ll receive a letter from them detailing what HMRC requires you to do and what information you need to supply. If you have a representative or tax agent who filed your return, HMRC sends them a copy of the letter, additionally explaining the legislation being used to open the enquiry. It’s a good idea to engage us at this stage so we’re with you from the start.

Reason behind the enquiry

Most tax enquiries start because HMRC holds information that suggests that not all the income or gains were reported or there is a high risk that the return is incorrect for some reason. The enquiry can be into certain aspects or the whole tax return. For example, it might concern an offshore bank account, holiday home, company car or even medical insurance. Our team has seen every possible kind of enquiry and is adept at managing any situation.

Different kinds of enquiry

HMRC is a vast organisation and has highly trained experts dealing with a whole range of enquiries. Luckily, so do we. In fact, we’re rarely asked for help on an enquiry we’ve never seen before. We have decades of experience, so we know how HMRC operates. We’re used to digging down into the details, asking the right questions and bringing each case to a successful conclusion.

If you’d like to talk to us about a tax enquiry, don’t hesitate to get in touch with team lead, John Hood.

John Hood is Moore Kingston Smith’s tax dispute resolution specialist. He is expert at dealing with complex and serious tax investigations launched by HMRC, settling matters on a civil basis. In the most serious cases, this can involve limiting the risk of the enquiry being escalated to a criminal investigation. John genuinely relishes the challenge… Read more

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