When business owners decide to sell their business, it is likely to be the largest transaction in their lives and probably something they only do once. Making sure that tax issues don’t adversely affect the outcome is where our M&A tax team can help. On a sale we can manage a number of areas of the process:

  • Advance planning to ensure that capital gains tax relief, especially entrepreneurs’ relief, are available.
  • Retaining of key staff members through appropriate share incentive structures.
  • Assistance with the tax due diligence process.
  • Advising on the optimal way of structuring the transactions.
  • Assistance with the scope of the tax warranties and the tax covenant.
  • Helping plan out the tax payments and assist with the necessary reporting on UK tax returns.

When there is a purchase rather than a sale, our M&A tax team can support with the following areas:

  • Tax due diligence to help ensure that a purchase does not bring along with it unidentified tax liabilities.
  • The structure of the acquisition.
  • Relief for finance costs and structuring the finance generally.
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