Inheritance tax advisory

Collaborative inheritance tax specialists

Thinking about how your loved ones will be looked after when you die is the type of financial planning that’s easy to put off. Our specialist inheritance tax team will take you through the process step by step, while you can be assured that you’re working with specialists who deal with complex, emotive issues on a daily basis.

Our team comprises lawyers, tax advisers, financial advisers and accountants who can ensure that your assets are protected, your wishes are reflected, and any compliance or administration is carried out with care and professionalism.

We can also act as trustee or executor or attorney, either as a sole representative or alongside family members or friends.

Inheritance tax advisory

Inheritance tax can have an impact during your lifetime as well as when you die.  You might take actions that you think of as simply being prudent, but actually, they’re all things that will affect the inheritance tax your family is liable for. Passing a family inheritance down to the next generation, planning for business succession, or undertaking measures to protect your assets are all things that will affect inheritance tax. Enlist the help of our team and we’ll work with you to manage the impact.

Writing your will

As soon as you have some money or simply own property, you should write a will to ensure your assets are passed on exactly as you want. Our team can help with all the intricacies of will writing, while our in-house legal support means you can get it sorted in one place.

To get your own inheritance tax planning started, get in touch with our expert partner in this field, Claire Roberts.

Highly experienced in private client tax services, Claire Roberts advises a diverse range of clients, including individuals, partnerships, trustees and executors in the UK and worldwide. Claire’s particular expertise is inheritance tax, trusts, succession planning and estate administration. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, she also advises on all wider aspects of… Read more

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