Technology Deal Tracker

Date Target Name Country Target Business Sector Acquirer Country Deal value (£m) Press release
09/18 FARMVET SYSTEMS LTD UK Veterinary software developer Apps & Software VETOQUINOL SA FR n.a.
09/18 HISOME OY FI Video and mobile games developer Apps & Software PLAYSTACK LTD GB n.a.
03/18 HASHCOVE LTD GB Blockchain based digital currency software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, Mobile blockchain based document verification application developer Apps & Software LONG BLOCKCHAIN CORPORATION US 1.1
09/18 FARMVET SYSTEMS LTD UK Veterinary software developer Apps & Software VETOQUINOL SA FR n.a.
09/18 HISOME OY FI Video and mobile games developer Apps & Software PLAYSTACK LTD UK n.a.
05/18 APROSE SOLUTIONS LTD UK Technology support software developer IT Services UTILIGROUP HOLDINGS LTD UK n.a.
05/18 CLIENT MANAGERS TOOLKIT LTD UK Online cloud-based contract management services IT Services THINK PROJECT! GMBH DE n.a.
05/18 APTARIS SOFTWARE LLC US Electronic content management services Data & Analytics DUNNHUMBY LTD UK n.a.
05/18 NCC GROUP PLC'S SOFTWARE TESTING BUSINESS UK Escrow, verification, security, audit and website performance software developer, Information technology (IT) data migration services, Software security consultancy services, Website performance and software testing services IT Services QUALI-TEST LTD IL 3.6
05/18 BIG PIXEL STUDIOS LTD UK Video game developer Media Technology TURNER BROADCASTING SYSTEM INC. US n.a.
05/18 VISIONWARE LTD UK Master data management software developer Data & Analytics CIVICA UK LTD UK n.a.
05/18 RESOURCE TECHNIQUES LTD UK Social networking software and website developer Apps & Software REAPIT LTD UK n.a.
04/18 TOTAL SCIENTIFIC LTD UK Bioanalytical contract research services Biotech RXCELERATE LTD UK n.a.
05/18 MICO SYSTEMS INC. CA Cloud-based data management services provider IT Services CALLIGO LTD UK n.a.
05/18 DIFFERENCE CORPORATION LTD UK Cloud-based contact centre unified communications services IT Services VOIP-4U LTD (FIRSTCOM EUROPE) UK n.a.
05/18 MINDX LTD UK Cognitive performance analysis platform developer Apps & Software HIREVUE INC. US n.a.
04/18 PAYLOGIC NEDERLAND BV NL Event ticketing and payment system developer Apps & Software SEE GROUP LTD UK n.a.
05/18 SYNC INTERACTIVE LTD UK Multi-platform mobile game software developer, Multi-platform mobile game website design services Media Technology PKF COOPER PARRY GROUP LTD UK n.a.
05/18 NATIONWIDE RETAIL SYSTEMS LTD UK Cashless Catering Systems software provider Financial Technology CIVICA UK LTD UK n.a.
05/18 UNION SOLUTIONS LTD UK IT consultancy services IT Services CLARANET LTD UK n.a.
05/18 EDINBURGH COMPUTER SERVICES LTD UK Computer cabling installation services, IT support services IT Services COMMSWORLD HOLDINGS LTD UK n.a.
04/18 CRITERION IT LTD UK Computer consultancy services IT Services ITEC CONNECT LTD UK n.a.
05/18 PROGRAMMING RESEARCH LTD UK Software defects and coding static analysis platform provider Apps & Software PERFORCE SOFTWARE INC. US n.a.
05/18 IVY LTD UK IT support and consulting services IT Services KAMARIN COMPUTERS LTD UK n.a.
05/18 RTS SOLUTIONS (HOLDINGS) LTD UK Holding company of a transportation software developer Apps & Software PETARDS GROUP PLC UK 1.5
04/18 PEOPLEFLUENT HOLDINGS CORPORATION US Digital enterprise human resources consulting services Education Technology LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES GROUP PLC UK 107.612
05/18 STAR COMPUTERS LTD UK Payroll management software developer Apps & Software IRIS SOFTWARE GROUP LTD UK n.a.
04/18 CERTUS SOLUTIONS CONSULTING SERVICES LTD UK Cloud-based software consultancy services IT Services ACCENTURE PLC IE n.a.
04/18 CRYSTAL IT SERVICES LTD UK Cyber security consulting services, Cyber security training services Cyber Security SHEARWATER GROUP PLC UK n.a.
04/18 CLARO SOFTWARE LTD UK Reading and writing assistive support software developer Apps & Software LINGIT AS NO n.a.
04/18 THEVOICEFACTORY LTD UK Cloud communications services provider IT Services EVOLVE IP LLC US n.a.
04/18 ARDENT SOLUTIONS LTD UK Enterprise resource planing software developer Apps & Software SHEA SOLUTIONS INC. CA n.a.
04/18 DYLIS CONSULTING PTY LTD AU Customized devOps and cloud transformation software developer, Strategic consulting services IT Services CONTINO UK n.a.
04/18 BASIC TALK LTD UK Advertising slogans, straplines, taglines, endlines and claims database services Media Technology LEWIS SILKIN LLP UK n.a.
04/18 REDPIXIE LTD UK Cloud-based integration services, Online cloud-based Azure hybrid integration platform operator IT Services HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE COMPANY US n.a.
04/18 KOPERNIO LTD UK Online academic journal articles software developer Apps & Software CLARIVATE ANALYTICS INC. US n.a.
04/18 OCCUPEYE LTD UK Workplace space optimisation software developer Apps & Software ASURE SOFTWARE INC. US n.a.
04/18 XCEED GROUP (HOLDINGS) LTD UK IT consultancy services holding company IT Services WAVESTONE SA FR 16.5
04/18 PRIORI DATA GMBH DE Online app store data and analytics platform operator Data & Analytics APPSCATTER GROUP PLC UK 13.5
04/18 TRUANCY CALL LTD UK Parental engagement and truancy management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software IRIS SOFTWARE GROUP LTD UK n.a.
04/18 DW REPORTING LTD UK Legal financial reporting, business intelligence (BI) and matter pricing software provider Data & Analytics BIGHAND LTD UK n.a.
04/18 GEOLANG HOLDINGS LTD UK Data loss protection (DLP) software developer holding company Cyber Security SHEARWATER GROUP PLC UK 1.7
04/18 EDGE TESTING SOLUTIONS LTD UK Pure-play software testing services IT Services EUROFINS DIGITAL PRODUCT TESTING UK LTD UK n.a.
04/18 SOLVE IT SOLUTIONS LTD UK Computer systems consulting services IT Services STL COMMUNICATIONS LTD UK n.a.
03/18 JAR TECHNOLOGIES LTD UK Network Emulators manufacturer, Online scalable Network Emulators software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software CALNEX SOLUTIONS LTD UK n.a.
03/18 P2P MAILING LTD UK Online e-commerce logistics mail tracking and distribution platform operator e-Commerce FEDEX CORPORATION US 92
03/18 GAMING REALMS PLC'S BINGOPORT AND FREEBINGOHUNTER AFFILIATE PORTALS UK Online gambling games platform developer, Online gambling games platform operator, Online mobile gambling games platform developer, Online mobile gambling games platform operator Media Technology 1ST LEADS LTD UK 2.4
03/18 ADVANCE SYSTEMS AMERICA INC. US Online mobile workforce management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider IT Services MITREFINCH LTD UK n.a.
03/18 BRIGHT UK LTD UK Customer feedback analysis consulting services, Customer feedback analysis software developer, Customer feedback analysis software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider IT Services SABIO LTD UK n.a.
03/18 COMPLETE ELECTRONIC RISK COMPLIANCE LTD UK Online cloud business regulatory risk and compliance identification and mitigation platform operator Apps & Software DOW JONES & COMPANY INC. US n.a.
03/18 MDEX AG DE Encrypted data communications mobile network operator Apps & Software WIRELESS LOGIC GROUP LTD UK n.a.
03/18 HASHCOVE LTD UK Blockchain based digital currency software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, Mobile blockchain based document verification application developer Apps & Software LONG BLOCKCHAIN CORPORATION US 1.03694
03/18 BIESSE SOLUTION SRL RO Mobile applications developer, Web design services Media Technology RIGHT of REPLY LTD UK 0.705
03/18 REALSM LTD UK Sports media platform operator Media Technology GFINITY PLC UK 2.4
03/18 EMAILCENTER UK LTD UK Email marketing platform Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, Online marketing agency services IT Services XTREMEPUSH LTD IE n.a.
03/18 GAP SYSTEMS LTD UK Workflow processes management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider IT Services LOFTWARE INC. US n.a.
03/18 FYDE INNOVATIONS LTD UK Operating system development services Apps & Software NEVERWARE INC. US n.a.
03/18 PROCURE WIZARD LTD UK Online hospitality industry back-office processes streamlining and management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider e-Commerce ACCESS UK LTD UK n.a.
03/18 FRAEDOM HOLDINGS LTD UK Online travel transactions management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) holding company Apps & Software VISA INC. US 141.75
03/18 MARS LLC GE Betting and gambling services, Online betting and gambling platform operator Media Technology GVC HOLDINGS PLC UK 36.316
03/18 EMCISION LTD UK Radiofrequency medical equipment developer Hardware BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION US n.a.
03/18 SCIENCE WAREHOUSE LTD UK Online e-procurement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider IT Services ADVANCED COMPUTER SOFTWARE GROUP LTD UK 16
03/18 WE ARE COLONY LTD UK Online OTT VOD streaming platform operator Media Technology FANTASTEC SPORTS TECHNOLOGY LTD UK n.a.
02/18 BUSINESS INSIGHT LTD UK Insurance risk modelling and analytical tools software provider Data & Analytics VERISK ANALYTICS INC. US n.a.
02/18 RIGLOGIX US Online oil and gas rig data services platform Apps & Software WESTWOOD GLOBAL ENERGY LTD UK n.a.
02/18 STS (SOUTHERN TECHNICAL SERVICES) LTD UK Electrical components testing services, Electrical control panels manufacturer, Electrical products and systems installation services Hardware NORTECH SOLUTIONS GROUP LTD UK n.a.
02/18 NIU SOLUTIONS LTD UK Cloud and data management solutions provider, Computer systems design and IT consultancy services IT Services COMPUTER SYSTEMS INTEGRATION GROUP LTD UK n.a.
02/18 LDE SMARTALARMS LTD UK CCTV installation services, Managed data network solutions provider IT Services VONEUS LTD UK n.a.
02/18 TRUE CLARITY LTD UK eCommerce and customer management software developer Apps & Software VALTECH SE UK n.a.
02/18 FRAMEWORK CREATIVE LTD UK Virtual reality design consultancy services Apps & Software ELMWOOD DESIGN LTD UK n.a.
02/18 ETECH SOLUTIONS LTD UK Mobile surveying and workflow management software developer Apps & Software CORELOGIC INC. US n.a.
02/18 DIGITAL TELECOM AIRTIME LTD UK Digital telephony services Hardware TELESIS LTD UK n.a.
02/18 QBS SOFTWARE LTD UK PC hardware, software and consumer electronics wholesaler Apps & Software GNR TECHNOLOGY LTD UK n.a.
02/18 APEX OPTIMISATION LTD UK Oil refinery process optimisation Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Apps & Software ASPEN TECHNOLOGY INC. US n.a.
01/18 AGP GROUP BV NL Branch specific ERP software developer holding company IT Services KERRIDGE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS LTD UK n.a.
01/18 THREATMETRIX INC. US Online cybercrime prevention Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Cyber Security RELX GROUP PLC UK 580
01/18 ENTOMO INC. US Online supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Data & Analytics E2OPEN LLC US n.a.
01/18 GRUB CLUB UK Online social eating experiences booking platform operator e-Commerce VIZEAT LTD UK n.a.
01/18 SHANGHAI KURUN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD CN Online panel community operator Media Technology ITWP ACQUISITIONS LTD UK n.a.
01/18 EXACTPRO SYSTEMS LTD UK Functional testing software developer Apps & Software EXPLORE123 LTD UK n.a.
01/18 OPTRON SIA LV Wired telecommunications services provider Hardware RETN CAPITAL LTD UK n.a.
01/18 INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MEDIA GMBH DE Cloud communication services IT Services ARTILIUM PLC UK 3.1
01/18 CCP Games Newcastle UK Massively multiplayer online (MMO) and virtual reality games developer Media Technology Sumo Digital Ltd UK n.a.
01/18 Radiant Worlds Ltd UK Video game developer Media Technology Rebellion Interactive Games Ltd UK n.a.
01/18 Provista UK Ltd UK Computer systems integration, design and consulting services IT Services PCM Technology Solutions UK Ltd UK n.a.
01/18 Interactive Medica SL ES Cloud-based insight provider Data & Analytics Wilmington plc UK 3.34
12/17 Global Voucher Group Ltd, The UK Online sales, discounts and voucher codes website operator e-Commerce Group plc UK 36.5
12/17 Cobolt It SARL FR Open-source software publisher Apps & Software Micro Focus International plc UK n.a.
12/17 gCAP Software Ltd UK Aviation software publisher Apps & Software Osprey Consulting Services Ltd UK n.a.
11/17 Sonassi Ltd UK Online eCommerce hosting services e-Commerce iomart Group plc UK 16.5
12/17 Lakeview Computers Ltd UK ERP software provider Apps & Software Kerridge Commercial Systems Ltd UK n.a.
12/17 Trayport Inc. US Online real time electronic trading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Financial Technology TMX Group Ltd CA 540.9
11/17 CapitalTrack Ltd UK Financial data and securities management services Data & Analytics Information Publishing plc UK n.a.
11/17 addlow4 Ltd UK Custom business support and management software developer IT Services Discerning Digital Ltd UK n.a.
11/17 Trustis Ltd UK Cloud-based public key infrastructure (PKI) and crypto management services Cyber Security Entrust Datacard Corporation US n.a.
11/17 Ciall Systems Ltd IE Business technology consultancy services IT Services Storm Technologies Ltd UK n.a.
11/17 Applix Srl IT Online customisable applications developer IT Services Ernst & Young LLP UK n.a.
11/17 e-testing Consultancy Ltd UK QA and software testing services IT Services Prolifics Inc. US n.a.
10/17 NuTonomy Inc. US Autonomous self-driving cars software developer Autotech Delphi Automotive plc UK 339.9
11/17 cDecisions Ltd UK Cloud computing consultancy services IT Services PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP UK n.a.