Chris Hughes

With over 30 years’ experience as a partner and a number of senior roles within Moore Kingston Smith, Chris Hughes has taken on a new challenge as a core director of MooreMentum, the class leading strategic advisory business.

With his youthful zeal and deep insight of what it takes to create and grow owner managed businesses into highly profitable high-performance entities, it could be said that MooreMentum is the perfect fit for his skills.

As a key member of the innovative and highly successful IPI growth programme team within MooreMentum, Chris is driven by his passion for making every business and entrepreneur he, and the MooreMentum team, work with “Moore” successful .

He also advocates that the entrepreneurial journey should be enjoyable and that the role of professional advisers is to proactively guide entrepreneurs, as well as to ease their stresses from the trials and tribulations that a business can face.

Working with Chris is always insightful and often entertaining.

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