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Collaborative law, tax and business advisory

To succeed in today’s increasingly complex and regulated business environments, you need to move quickly and confidently. Our business and corporate legal practice works closely with other services across Moore Kingston Smith to offer our clients comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Our collaborative and flexible approach means we’re able to bring expert legal support to the business opportunities and challenges you face, whether you’re a corporate client or a private individual.

Not only are we a trusted pair of hands for your legal and business affairs, we also combine and harness insights from our tax, accountancy and other advisory services to help you achieve your goals.

As founder members of the Moore Global Network’s legal group, we work alongside international colleagues and regularly advise on cross-border projects, as well as helping international clients with UK matters.

Expert business legal services

Our team of solicitors focus on legal services for businesses and individuals, and are experts in the following areas for businesses:

Company law and general business law advice

We advise companies, directors and business owners on a range of company law and other legal matters to provide a holistic approach alongside our tax, accountancy and other advisory services.

Group reorganisations, including capital reductions and share buybacks

For successful corporate reorganisations, it is essential to have close collaboration between business owners and legal, tax and accountancy advisers. Our multidisciplinary approach helps clients execute projects by instructing one single firm to provide these services under one roof rather than needing to instruct multiple different sets of advisers.

Investments, shareholders’ agreements and joint ventures

Establishing a business with the right documents in place at the start or updated as it evolves, helps avoid disputes and misunderstandings when there are important events such as new investments, departing shareholders or sale offers. Our team has experience advising start-ups, owner-managed businesses and larger SMEs through their full life-cycle from initial investment to exit and sale by founders.

Share incentives, including EMI share option schemes

Many companies offer share options to employees without considering tax implications. Our combined team of lawyers and tax specialists are well placed to help provide meaningful arrangements to assist in retaining and motivating staff while protecting the company’s interests and benefitting from appropriate tax incentives.

Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs)

As champions of EOTs, we are proud members of the Employee Ownership Association. We offer a holistic business advisory service around EOTs encompassing tax, legal, corporate finance, HR and accounting services. Having implemented many EOTs already, we are well placed to advise you throughout the whole process: from the initial discussions to determine if it’s right for you, to supporting you with the communication of the completed transaction to your employees and the outside world. For more information, click here.

Mergers and acquisitions

Clients have been impressed with our legal team’s expertise and efficient and user-friendly approach when helping them sell and retire or buy new businesses. Working closely alongside our accountancy and tax colleagues, we ensure clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach.

Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)

Establishing an LLP requires careful thought as to the rights and responsibilities of the founders, and new and outgoing members.  Issues such as profit and capital shares, as well as operational matters need to be clearly set out to help avoid unintended outcomes and disagreements. We draft bespoke LLP agreements to fit your requirements, and update existing documents to reflect changes of circumstances.

What our clients say

Simon Eden, Director, Perden Lands

Moore Kingston Smith have been advisers for our family business for many years. We were therefore delighted they were able to help with all the legal and tax aspects of arrangements to hand over our business to the next generation. It was a real benefit having MKS able to do all this work under one roof with our tax partner Michelle Denny-West and legal partner Andrew Bloom co-ordinating the entire process. The team gave us really practical advice and focused on our business needs.

Kevin McDermot, Co Founder, PES Group Limited

Maureen Penfold of Moore Kingston Smith has been our accountant and business adviser for over 25 years. I was therefore delighted MKS also had a legal practice so they could act for me on the legal, tax and accounting aspects when I sold my interest in the business. It was a real benefit having MKS able to do all this under one roof with Maureen co-ordinating the process. The team gave really practical advice with a helpful and collaborative approach.

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