Restructuring advisory

Helping you find the best restructuring solutions in
challenging times

When you start to experience financial difficulties, acting swiftly and engaging restructuring advisory experts early can maximise your chances of a solvent recovery.

Our specialist team of business, HR and insolvency consultants will work with you and your advisers, stakeholders and funders to quickly assess your situation. We can identify the immediate challenges to your business and present and recommend the best possible solutions.

Our restructuring advisory team can help you to

  • Develop effective plans for recovery, prioritising your resources and identifying your key workstreams and milestones to keep them on track.
  • Manage any redundancy processes or changes in employment terms and conditions.
  • Work out your cash requirements using financial modelling and improve your cash flow management processes.
  • Review your business development processes to identify any gaps (such as improvements to your value proposition) that could help with your recovery.
  • Secure alternative sources of funding.
  • Realise value and find new ownership for your business at speed.
  • Formally review options for value realisation and report on these.
  • Help make sure you are harnessing the full power of your employees as well as properly considering your obligations.

If solvent solutions are not possible, we will work with our business recovery and insolvency team to help you navigate your responsibilities and options to create the best outcome. Contact us to discover more about our restructuring advisory services.

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