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If you’re an ambitious business managing people, goods and services moving across multiple countries, it pays to have the right skills and connections on your side.

That’s why we offer a full range of specialist international compliance and advisory services. Our collaborative problem solving, constructive questioning and critical thinking can help your business find it’s unique path with clarity and confidence.

Our market specialists use their local insight and international experience to identify relevant opportunities and obstacles, navigating unfamiliar business cultures and regulations.

And as a member of the Moore Global Network, we can tap you into the knowledge and expertise of over 30,000 experts across more than 110 countries. That’s a lot of open doors.

Whether you’re expanding overseas from the UK or strategically reviewing existing international operations, why not get in touch to find out how we can help you thrive.

Our international services:

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Graham Tyler

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Setting up in the UK

Where there’s change there’s opportunity. Our UK market-entry team have the deep knowledge and expertise to stay one step ahead as complex business conditions continue to shift.

From start-ups to multinationals, we help businesses of all sizes spot openings and make the most of them. Whether that’s by acquiring or merging with UK companies, or through expansion of existing operations.

Our language capabilities and knowledge of international markets mean we understand the challenges you’ll face when moving into the UK. And our international expansion specialists can help you make the most of the opportunities the UK has to offer.

What our clients say

“Moore Kingston Smith was an invaluable adviser in helping us set up in the UK. They provided expert advice on complex cross-border taxation issues and also provided support on local HR regulations and the tools to get set up well.”
Anthony Venus, CEO, Yaypay

A recommended firm

For many years we’ve worked closely with key trade and investment organisations in the UK to support our clients’ expansion plans.

We’re a recommended accounting firm on the Department for International Trade’s (DIT) UK Investment Support Directory for Inward Investors.

And we’re proud to be an official inward investment accounting partner with London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency.

Solutions tailored to your business

Whatever your challenges, we’re confident that we’ve got the knowledge and experience to help your business to thrive. To start the conversation, please get in touch with Darren Jordan.



Whether you’re a UK company expanding to China, or a Chinese business entering the UK market, our bilingual international expansion specialists have the relevant skills and expertise to help grow your global footprint smoothly and efficiently.

As the 10th largest accountancy firm in London, with a wide-reaching client base, we provide an integrated and partner-led service to our international clients. We understand that international expansion is complex and challenging but exceptionally rewarding.

Well connected

We are active members of the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK and committed to supporting trade and investment between China and the UK.

A recommended firm

We’re also official inward investment partners of London & Partners and a recommended firm from the Department for International Trade and work closely with their teams to strengthen the business relationships between China and the UK.


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China 中文简体

1923年以来,大华国际英国会计师事务所。Moore Kingston Smith一直致力于帮助客户拓展业务。作为特许会计师和商业顾问, 我们助力客户深挖潜力,明晰宏图远景,并提供其所需的一切资讯与支持,以实现蓝图。总部位于伦敦金融城,除了在伦敦的六个办公室,还在英国其他30个城市有办公室。1923 年成立至今,通过自然发展与兼并不断壮大。英国会计时代50+50百强榜名列十三,在伦敦及英国东南部所有公司中,排名第十。现有合伙人141名,员工人数1300名。



  • 公司架构与成立
  • 办事处注册及公司秘书服务
  • 税务遵从与咨询
  • 转移定价
  • 薪资管理
  • 簿记与管理会计
  • 审计与年账
  • 人力资源咨询
  • 公司和商业法律服务
  • 增值税和海关合规及咨询服务


  • 筹集资金
  • 并购与合资业务
  • 尽职调查


  • 外派员工税务及社会保障
  • 为国际流动雇员提供税务遵从和咨询服务
  • 高净值人士全球税务筹划
  • 为客户的在英资产完成英国遗嘱订立程序
  • 户籍状况及其税收影响
  • 客户在英业务的授权书
  • 在英资产遗嘱认证和管理

Moore 是全球前11会计师与咨询事务所联盟,机构遍布全球112个国家超过600个地区。Moore 全球雇员总人数逾三万. Moore 中国-大华会计事务所-是中国前十大会计事务所之一。 大华拥有6100名合伙人和员工, 其中超过1400人持有中国注册会计师资格证书,另有300名专业人士拥有英国、美国及澳大利亚的资格证书。



Whether you’re a UK company expanding into mainland Europe, or a European company entering the UK market, our experts are on hand to help.

Our Europe Group has in-depth experience of helping businesses expand in both directions across the channel. And with the connections we have through our Moore Global Network, we provide a seamless European service.

We also support many international companies using the UK as a hub to serve the European market.

Whatever your European ambitions, get in touch to find out how we can help.

What our clients say

“What I appreciate about Moore Kingston Smith is that they are not only delivering high quality work in the agreed deadlines. They are always trying to think one step ahead and address the potential risks and opportunities that our organisation can face.”
David Badower, Group Financial Controller, Milvik AB Group

A recommended firm

As official inward investment partners of London & Partners and a recommended firm from the Department for International Trade, we work closely with their teams to strengthen the business relationships between Europe and the UK.


Our close relationship with India started over 20 years ago, when we began advising one of India’s leading commercial enterprises doing business in the UK. Today, our India Group advises and assists a large number of Indian businesses on their international operations.

We truly understand both India and the UK, and we’re experienced at achieving the best position for our clients when operating across these markets.

If you’re looking for a responsible, professional adviser to help you achieve your objectives in the UK, please get in touch to find out how we can work with you.

What our clients say

“Moore Kingston Smith has been helping Wipro for more than 20 years with a wide range of tax advisory service. These have included dealing with internationally mobile employees, VAT and corporation tax. The Moore Kingston Smith team has been with us on the journey as we’ve grown our business, they’ve given us a high level of support – always demonstrating expertise, understanding, and professionalism.”
K Balasubramanian, Vice President and Global Head – Corporate Taxation, Wipro

Well connected

Our Delhi -based business development specialists allow us to offer close support to your teams in both India and the UK.

As active members of the Confederation of Indian Industry we are committed to strengthening relationships and advancing trade and investment between the UK and India.

A recommended firm

We’re also official inward investment partners of London & Partners and a recommended firm from the Department for International Trade and work closely with their teams to support India businesses.


Case studies


Expicient, a leading professional services firm focused on deploying omni-channel software products & solutions, is a good example of how Moore Kingston Smith works with international businesses in the UK throughout their lifecycle. The founder of Expicient approached us in the second half of 2011 to set up their UK subsidiary, having heard good things about us from his contacts in India and the US. We helped them get their start-up off the ground in the UK – opening a bank account in a day, immigration introduction, expat tax benefits for their employees, routine compliance matters, etc. The business grew steadily in the UK, supplying their services to the likes of M&S, Tesco and Argos. The Moore Kingston Smith delivery team was actively involved with the day-to-day running of their business, so when the founders were made an offer by the Publicis Groupe, which they couldn’t refuse, we were their trusted adviser in supporting them through this transition and beyond. This has been an interesting journey for us, further cementing our credibility as a firm well-suited to the needs of an international business throughout its lifecycle.

Latin America

Our Latin America Group actively helps Latin American businesses entering the UK, plus UK companies with plans to expand in Latin America.

Whatever your ambitions, we have a team of inward investment specialists who understand international expansion and the differences between doing business in the UK and Latin America. We regularly help  our international clients with anything from compliance work to giving trusted business advice.

What our clients say

“I would highly recommend the services of Moore Kingston Smith, not only because of the clearly knowledgeable service they give, my main reason is their diligence and empathy. Moore Kingston Smith is a company that cares – and for a foreign company coming to a new territory, this means everything.”
Rodrigo Khalil, CEO, Oktok

A recommended firm

We are on the Department for International Trade Latin America list of preferred service providers and have strong relations with government officials, chambers of commerce and other Latin America-focused commercial partners to ensure set-up is as smooth as possible.


Case studies


Cadastra is a Brazilian company that blends performance marketing, consultancy and technology with a team of over 350 employees based in São Paulo and Porto Alegre. Cadastra was established in 2000 and has now expanded internationally to the UK and Spain. Cadastra began working with Moore Kingston Smith when they had grown in the UK, as they were drawn to the media and marketing specialism.

Gustavo Bacchin, co-founder & CEO EMEA of Cadastra, says: “Moore Kingston Smith has an impressive media and marketing office with deep expertise in the sector. Their insight into the industry has been invaluable for us understanding the UK market. There are great opportunities in the sector between Brazil and the UK, so it became an important location for us to establish a presence.”

Moore Kingston Smith’s LatAm group takes care of Cadastra’s EMEA compliance and regulatory requirements, allowing Cadastra to focus on growing their business. Gary De Souza, Latam Group Manager at Moore Kingston Smith, says: “It has been great building the relationship with Cadastra’s finance team over in Brazil. We have also been able to support Cadastra internationally, through our Moore Global Network, working together with our partner firm in Spain. We look forward to further supporting Cadastra with their international growth journey.”

North America

Whether you’re a UK company expanding to North America, or a business from across the pond, entering the UK market, our North America Group has the relevant experience and connections through our Moore Global Network to provide a seamless transatlantic service.

What our clients say

“Moore Kingston Smith has worked with Urban Outfitters, the US-based global fashion retailer, since it opened its first shop in the UK in 1998. Moore Kingston Smith are excellent at understanding our business and what we need, and tailoring the advice they give exactly for us. It’s important that I have someone available to validate and double-check any technical issues that come up, but I’ve also found that Moore Kingston Smith are very good at providing the more practical, less technical advice too.”
Andy Hemmingway, EU Controller, Urban Outfitters

Well connected

We are active members across multiple chapters within the British American Business Council including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

A recommended firm

We’re also official inward investment partners of London & Partners and a recommended firm from the Department for International Trade and work closely with their teams to strengthen the business relationships between North America and the UK.


Case studies


Serial entrepreneur and CEO of fintech company YayPay Anthony Venus explains his decision for splitting management between New York and London.

“If you want to run an international business, the UK is probably set up better for it than most. While the US is a large exciting market, its size can mean people can become consumed by serving the US market. This is in stark contrast to the UK, which is a substantial but smaller market so people tend to become very international in their mindset.”

“If you can do business in the US, you can do it in the UK; it’s not that different so it’s the obvious choice to twin with,” Anthony says.

In October 2019, Anthony moved to the UK and split the management team between the East Coast of the US and the UK. Rather than manage the strategic undertaking internally, YayPay chose to work with Moore Kingston Smith to facilitate the process.

iDiscovery Solutions

Washington DC based iDiscovery Solutions founder and CEO Dan chose London as the firm’s first international office. He admits the language made things easier, but is quick to point out that English can be spoken in most of the world, and so was drawn to the talent pool for his growth plans.

The practicalities of setting up a new office are important – and can be tricky when it’s in a different country. “The endorsement by a client of ours gave us initial comfort in working with Moore Kingston Smith; however I can now say that we developed trust directly as a result of their full-service offering.” Dan explains that Moore Kingston Smith assisted iDiscovery with all aspects of its move to London, including banking, recommendations on office space and other professional services.

iDiscovery expanded organically, though acquisitions had been considered. “Expanding through M&A may have been faster, but the way we’ve done it ensures we have the right people and can focus on our culture and the brand.” It’s clear Coronavirus hasn’t slowed iDiscovery down, with Dan suggesting there are more international offices on the cards. “London is a stepping stone to the rest of the UK.”

Moore Kingston Smith was an invaluable adviser in helping us set up in the UK. They provided expert advice on complex cross-border taxation issues and also provided support on local HR regulations and the tools to get set up well.

Anthony Venus
CEO, Yaypay