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Business leaders talk about risks and opportunities, and you’ve got lots of both in manufacturing and distribution right now. Many things are ravaging your business plan. You’re likely seeing that costs are rising, your supply chain is under strain and it’s a struggle to find skilled workers in the UK or further afield. On the upside, you’re accessing new markets, finding more efficient manufacturing processes and you might just be creating a splash on social media.

You’re seeing your margins squeezed amidst government edicts, changing buying behaviour, fat energy bills and climate change impact on commodities. You worry about freight availability, stock levels, sourcing duration, scope 3 emission reporting and legislation changes such as HFSS.

Technology is obsolescing your equipment, while regulation is demanding you use less packaging and more labelling. You’re trying to decarbonise by reformulating ingredients, components and materials, switching to renewables and reducing your plastic reliance. There’s a lot going on but funders and investors remain hungry for further development of the sector. And you’re in a sector where ESG can have a profound impact on your valuation.

Help from the manufacturing specialists

We understand your challenges. We work with companies like yours every day.

Our manufacturing experts work specifically in the food & beverage, consumer & industrial products, automotive and pharmaceutical markets. Apart from the usual audit, accounting and tax compliance support that you can expect as standard, our manufacturing and distribution team can also help you with:


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