Like many business owners right now, you might be finding yourself coming up for air having taken initial urgent action to minimise the effects of the Coronavirus crisis. Having made use of the government’s support measures, put off certain outgoings and agreed some breathing space on rent, you might now be looking longer term.

Every business owner will need to plan how to move their business forward and if you are wondering where to start with this, you’re not alone.

We’re helping many business owners find clarity through our turnaround and restructuring solution. Our offering is a quick, accessible and proven way to develop an action plan to see you through the next 18 months, giving you the freedom to focus on getting your income back and growing your business.

Our offering is tailored to you and includes:

  • a thorough review of where you are now
  • financial modelling of scenarios
  • scoping your priorities
  • implementing the changes
  • regular monitoring.

Corporate finance, tax, HR, insolvency, management and strategy expertise are all available to you with just one phone call.

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Seamless turnaround restructuring solution

Seamless Turnaround Restructuring Solution

Corporate finance

Most businesses are founded by people with a passion for creating ways to deliver better products or services to their clients. As the business grows, so its value increases and the owners consider a future sale to reap the reward of their hard work. But what is the right price, and how do you achieve it?


At Moore Kingston Smith Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, we are with our clients through the tough times as well as the good times. So if you are facing challenges – be they performance dips, mounting debt or reduced cash flow – we can help.

HR consulting

Take a look around your workplace. Everyone happy to be here? It may seem that way, but the reality is that, at any one time, more than half of employees in the UK are considering changing jobs. And as soon as people have itchy feet, they are disengaging.

Management information

You know you need to focus on the big picture – to work ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ your organisation.  But it’s not cost-efficient for you to invest in a back-office team for all that day-to-day detail. Our outsourcing services are the perfect solution – enabling you to lighten your load and drive your success forward.

Strategic growth services

When was the last time you took a step back and thought about running your business? We’re not talking about the day-to-day management, but your goals and aspirations? As the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else. And, even if you do know where you’re going, do you know where you are now – your starting point?


Tax may be complicated, but we don’t believe in turning what we do into a dark art.

Our 70-strong team of tax experts supports businesses ranging from start-ups and SMEs to some of the largest companies in the world. We guide them through the compliance landscape, ensuring they meet all their obligations.

Forensic accounting

We are one of the few leading accountancy firms with a dedicated forensic team. Our specialists offer decades of experience in complex cases involving multinational companies as well as privately-owned businesses and individuals. They provide expert witness, advisory and investigation services and have given evidence in the High Court, other courts and the Land Tribunal on numerous occasions.

Intelligent automation

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Case Studies

Turnaround Advisory and Accelerated M&A

MKS supported a family owned food manufacturer with severe liquidity problems and losses. The team stabilized liquidity following a comprehensive situation analysis, identifying opportunities to generate cash quickly from inventory and restructured the staff base. The team negotiated with funders for a grace period and then identified strategic assets and buyers before ultimately selling the business to one of these strategic buyers realising shareholder value and refinancing the debt.

Strategy and Turnaround Advisory

The MKS team advised a struggling marketing services business that had become loss making following the termination of major client contracts resulting in a return to profitability within 5 months.  Following a detailed options review and modelling exercise the team guided the business through a process of reducing headcount to eliminate excess capacity, a premises renegotiation with their landlord and a comprehensive cost cutting exercise based upon a zero based budgeting approach.

Accelerated M&A and working capital review

MKS supported a medium sized manufacturing business with severe losses and cash flow issues. The team performed a comprehensive situation analysis, prepared an integrated financial model and identified opportunities to renegotiate supplier terms to provide financial headroom before ultimately arranging for a sale to a key supplier realising shareholder value and safeguarding the business.

Turnaround and Fundraising Advisory

MKS supported a wholesaling business which had seen their revenues cease as a result of lockdown obtain a £1.5m CBILS loan from their bank to provide liquidity during the Coronavirus crisis. The team performed a review of the options available to the business, including government support, reviewed and advised them on their business plans and forecasts and supported them through the loan application process.