Outsourced payroll in the UK: save money, time and
ensure compliance

Outsourcing payroll is a smart move for SMEs, and here’s why:

  • Cost savings: reduce payroll costs significantly.
  • Time efficiency: free up valuable time for growing your business.
  • Guaranteed compliance: stay on top of changing tax and payroll regulations.
  • Secure and flexible payments: reliable, on-time payments to your staff and HMRC.

Why should you choose us for your payroll services?

With 300+ years of payroll expertise within our team, we simplify payroll and protect your business. Experience the difference with our seasoned team of payroll experts.

We handle:

  • Accurate calculations and timely submissions
  • Full compliance with the latest regulations
  • Stress-free HMRC query management

We are shaping the future of payroll through our relentless focus on our people, our clients and intelligent innovation, fostering collaboration for sustainable success.

Your payroll services provider

Benefits you can expect:

  • Year-round expert support
  • Compliance with tax, deduction and pension laws
  • Flexible employee payment options
  • Automated payments for any schedule
  • BACS-approved bureau
  • HMRC and The Pensions Regulator query handling
  • Payroll legislation updates
  • Customisable, easy-to-use reporting
  • Secure data, GDPR-compliant, ISO-certified employer and employee portal
  • Transparent fees and service level agreements.

Ready to simplify your payroll and focus on growth?

Let’s discuss how our payroll services can transform your UK business. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and consultation.


Some shocking facts about in-house payroll:

  • Savings: A £35,000 in-house payroll employee can incur total costs of around £45,000 with overheads, while an outsourced equivalent might be around £3,500 annually (for a 20-employee payroll) – a potential saving of up to 95%.
  • Compliance: Payroll regulations are complex and constantly changing. Of our recent new clients, a staggering 44% had non-compliant pension schemes.
  • Penalties: Some companies are fined £100,000 in PAYE penalties due to RTI submission errors.


Interested in learning more about payroll outsourcing? Click here for answers to your questions.

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I have been using Moore Kingston Smith for many years as our payroll provider. I am happy to let you know that my contact within the payroll team is an outstanding professional and a valued partner to our business. A vast improvement on the payroll provider we were dealing with before.

Nick Koupparis, Head of Finance, CAKE

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