With the pandemic accelerating the rate of change and business leaders needing to proactively manage across multiple scenarios, we work alongside our clients to help them evolve their businesses to meet their customers’ changing needs.

We understand that it’s never been more important to be able to get real-time data to critically evaluate performance, anticipate trends and plan for the future. Competitive advantage comes from being able to rapidly interrogate the right data to get the right information.

At Moore Kingston Smith we start with insight. As highly skilled accountants and auditors, we are uniquely placed to identify what insights our clients need and then help them to join up all the necessary technological pieces. Crucially we understand the culture of our clients’ businesses across all of the sectors in which we operate and excel at change management to ensure the digital transformation runs smoothly and resonates deeply.

We pride ourselves in our ability to achieve quick wins by helping our clients to optimise their existing platforms, but are equally adept at developing entire digital strategies with brand new operating systems and transformative new technologies.

We leverage the partnerships we have developed with software and hardware providers along with one of the world’s leading outsourcing companies for maximum benefit.

Our wide ranging digital transformation services include:

  • Investment and strategic analytics
  • Data visualisation, discovery and big data
  • Process review and automation
  • Data engineering and architecture
  • Data governance
  • Change management


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