Evan Herbert

Senior Digital Transformation Analyst

+44 (0)20 4582 1545

Evan Herbert

Evan Herbert graduated from the University of Cambridge with a veterinary medicine degree, working for a period in clinical practice before retraining as a chartered accountant. His time in clinical practice helped him develop strong client communication skills, including taking the time to listen to the key issues, understanding the underlying causes and designing custom holistic treatment plans.

Evan trained in Moore Kingston Smith’s general practice team with a focus on audit work. He gained exposure to a wide breadth of organisations, from smaller non-profit clients to large corporate groups. He enjoyed getting to grips with the automation opportunities Excel could provide and taught himself VBA to further develop and identify opportunities for automation.

He became ACA qualified in 2023 and joined the digital transformation team in the same year. His key interest is software development and has quickly developed experience with Python, Django and JavaScript to further drive this. He also assists clients in streamlining their financial and management reporting, through designing automated Excel templates as well as assisting the general practice team in performing their audits using audit analytics.

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