Maximise the efficiency of your cross-border workforce

As an SME with international operations, you can rely on us to handle the essentials of your expatriate tax, social security and international reward planning, as well as compliance, audit and bookkeeping.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure each international secondment is as successful as possible. There are the standard considerations of visas, permits, logistics and cross-cultural training but the actual key to deploying your employees effectively is more complex.

Whether you are seconding someone abroad or hosting an international employee in your country, it is crucial to know how each assignment fits into the global landscape. This might be identifying work motivation across cultures, the specific challenges of managing virtual global teams or strategies for building successful cross-border teams, to name but a few areas.

Our global mobility experts conduct extensive country profiling, drawing out the fundamentals, dynamics and subtle nuances of the relevant country’s society and culture. Even between neighbouring countries, these can vary widely – for example, the underlying fabric of society, behavioural norms and perceptions of timing, civil freedoms, equality and diversity. Then there are Coronavirus and Brexit adding further complications.

Here are some of the main areas we can help you with:

  • Understanding potential concerns about your business’s global footprint and managing regulatory issues appropriately.
  • Designing a strategy for managing your global teams and building mutual knowledge.
  • Planning your intra-company cross-border coordination and communication.
  • Briefing your employees about practical, and often sensitive, cultural differences before they go.
  • Developing your own awareness of cultural considerations in other locations by identifying unknown risks and hidden costs.

Having good relations with the host country is largely influenced by work culture and the behaviour of the secondee. Essentially, we help you develop global management skills so you can then mobilise your staff on this basis. Your employees will avoid conflicts and your business will enjoy a good reputation.

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